Information for travelers to Egypt

To Egypt

Arrival Visas:

This National Mission kindly informs you that, to enter Egypt, citizens who have a Paraguayan passport valid for at least six months must pay $ 25 for an arrival VISA valid for 30 days at Egyptian international airports.

However, please bear in mind that due to the situation of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on a global scale, the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt adopted several preventive measures of contagion in all areas of it. In this regard, there are several restrictions and special schedules for tourist, social and public transport places.

Useful data:

The Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay in Egypt informs the users of this Website the following relevant details, namely:

The emergency telephone number for whatever is necessary is +20 10 9160 9751
In the event of any inconvenience and / or problem with the Public Order of Egypt, please do not assume any type of commitment without first contacting the Embassy. Please call and request the first consular assistance.
It is recalled that in Egypt the official language is “Ameyia Arabic” and that the use of the English language is scarce.
In case of loss of documentation, belongings and money within the country, please file a complaint with the competent authorities of the area, to have proof of the fact and contact this Representation to carry out the necessary steps.