With the exemption of Shipping Documents *(for exports) all documents intended to have legal status in Paraguay must be legalized first by the Legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents are originated and then by the Paraguayan Consular Section. Documents in foreign languages should be translated to Spanish … Leer Más..

Visa – Exempt Nations

If you are a citizen of one of the countries listed below, and you possess one of the approved passport-types, you do not require a visa to enter and travel within Paraguay. If your country of citizenship is not indicated in the following lists, you must apply for a visa prior to departure for Paraguay. North America – Central America – Caribbean … Leer Más..


Requirements for Repatriation Please complete the Application Form and send it to the Consulate, along with the required documents. After evaluation, the Consulate will issue the corresponding Certificate that must be presented to the “Secretaria de Desarrollo para Repatriados y Refugiados Connacionales” in Paraguay (Laws 227/93 and 978/96). The Certificate is exempted of consular fees, … Leer Más..


Health Requirements for entry to Paraguay All Foreign citizens and Paraguayan nationals traveling from the African Continent must submit the following documentation for entry to Paraguay at the Embassy of Paraguay in Egypt. 1. Medical certificate certifying that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious or infectious disease The certificate must state that the … Leer Más..


Requirements for the Issuance of the Consular Passport 1. Be a Paraguayan citizen by birth. 2. Apply in person. 3. Have a Paraguayan ID card. 4. Present expired passport. 5. Fill and sign the Application Form. 6. Not have an arrest warrant pending in Paraguay. 7. Pay the consular fee of US$ 55.00 (Paragraphs 66 … Leer Más..