Information for travelers to Paraguay

Entry and Exit Requirements during the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) :

  • Paraguayan Immigration (Migraciones) has temporarily extended the period of lawful status in Paraguay for visitors or temporary residents in Paraguay whose visas or other travel authorizations expired on March 13, 2020 or later. This administrative action is due to the closure of some government facilities which has prevented foreign visitors to Paraguay from applying for an extension of their lawful status. If you are in Paraguay and your period of lawful stay has been expired please contact Migraciones for further information.
  • On October 21, the Government of Paraguay reopened Silvio Pettirossi International Airport. Regular commercial flights ​have resumed for the time being. We recommend you consider refund policies when booking flights as airlines have planned flight schedules that may not be able to meet anticipated passenger loads. In order to find available flights, please contact your local travel agency.
  • On November 16, the Paraguayan government ended mandatory quarantine for incoming travelers, regardless of length of stay.  Those entering Paraguay must present a negative COVID-19 (RNA tests: RT-PCR, NAAT, or NAAT) test taken no more than 72 hours prior to entering the country.  Antibody tests will not be accepted.  Minors under the age of ten are not required to take a test.  Those with COVID-19 in the last 14-90 days also may enter with documentation and without a current test.
  • In exceptional circumstances, Paraguayan citizens and foreigners with residency in Paraguay may enter without testing, on the agreement that they will enter quarantine in a home, hotel, or albergue, take a RT-PCR test at their own expense within 24 hours, and remain in quarantine until negative results are received.  If positive results are received, the individual must remain in home quarantine for ten days.
  • All persons entering the country must comply with the sanitary measures imposed by the Ministry of Health (physical distancing, use of masks and frequent hand washing) and other measures that may be available.
  • Foreigners not residing in the country or within another MERCOSUR country must present international medical insurance with complete health coverage to include attention to COVID-19 cases, RT-PCR tests, laboratory studies, outpatient care, hospitalization, and stays in the ICU.
  • The traveler must complete the health card online at the Ministry of Health webpage ( by selecting “Ficha de Salud del Viajero” 24 hours before their trip.  Once the form is submitted, there will be an option to print the submitted form.  The printed version contains a barcode that will let passengers pass through the Ministry of Health checkpoint on leaving the airplane.  Airlines and ground transport companies are required to check the QR code on this form prior to boarding passengers.