For those who want to have direct contact with an exuberant nature, Paraguay is an ideal destination where travelers not only enjoy both the forest green watered by countless streams and springs, tropical flowers and representive

fauna of the Eastern Region but also experience the serenity of the broad plains of the Paraguayan Chaco where countless flocks afford the visitors a reflection of the awakening sunrise along with the colorful plumage of birds and an imposing sunset.

Eco-tourism gives visitors the chance to share daily life with people on cattle ranches. Adventure tourism lets you take advantage of the rugged environment, the centennial forests, rivers, hills and plains. These are just some of the reasons that attract tourists to Paraguay.

Excellent hotels, exquisitely national cuisine, international warmth and hospitality and the kind people, these reasons make travelers to enjoy a different culture but at the same time also feel as if they were just home.

For sports fans, especially golf, Paraguay offers significant and comfortable facilities, mainly in the outskirts of Asuncion and Ciudad del Este. Business and sports can been joyed at the same time in main cities. All those cities have very modern auditoriums and conference centers.

The latest tendency during recent years is the touristic student, a program in which young people from different countries can participate in Spanish language courses in universities, which is coupled with comprehensive knowledge of the country through excursions to historical, cultural and tourist spots.

Physical testimonial history works as well as the representiong economic strength of a country that has invested in its development, which makes all Paraguayans proud, and can also be seen in different sites across the territory. Destinations such as the Ruins of the Jesuit Missions, declared a World Heritage, the agricultural colonies of the south or the large dams of Itaipú and Yacyretá in Chaco and La Rosa National Park among others.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention our rich national folklore, represented by its music and dances and a refined mestizo craftsmanship which highlights the delicate ñandutí textiles, jewelry, silver, embossed leather and ceramics.